CVET’s environmental team includes a tight-knit group of Geologists, Engineers, Scientists, and Field Technicians with a broad range of experience in the environmental industry. We lend our experience, creativity, and expertise to deliver tailored and efficient solutions for a variety of clients, ranging from local businesses and individuals to large commercial/industrial and development companies. Our Environmental Division specializes in:

  • Site Investigation (Boundary Delineation, Soil/Groundwater/Soil Gas Sampling, Monitoring Well Installation, and Geological Interpretation)

  • Hydro-geological Evaluation (Slug Testing, Pump Testing, and Long Term Monitoring/Trend Analysis)

  • Storm-Water Management, Compliance and Monitoring

  • Geophysical Investigations and Identification of Subsurface Anomalies

  • Vapor Intrusion Screening

  • UST Removal and Source Abatement

  • Familiarity with Several Remediation Strategies (Natural Attenuation, In-Situ/Ex-Situ Treatments, Air-Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction, Bioventing, and a Variety of Petrolium and Solvent Based Cleanup Strategies)

  • Phase | ESA’s and Transaction Screens

  • Phase || ESA’s

  • Asbestos/Lead-Paint/Hazardous Materials Surveys

  • General Consulting, Data Evaluation, and Project Design

We are happy to speak with you to help choose the best approach for your environmental needs.

See some of Catawba Valley Engineering & Testing's environmental projects below.